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Mobile Controls

Please browse through the catorgories below to learn more about what Flores Automation can do for you.

> Project Management

We provide consulting and project management for any type of mobile equipment controls project, large or small. If you're not sure how to approach a pesky design flaw in your machinery or need a complete control system upgrade; we're the firm for you. Our promise to you is to take your project from conception to completion with unmatched honesty, efficiency, and effectiveness. Our projects have ranged from changing out a switch to designing a complete system from scratch. Give us a call to ensure your project runs smoothly and to ensure success!

> Design

We design safe, reliable, and quality electrical controls systems for custom mobile machinery. Our systems are installed throughout the world and have a strong reputation in the industry. We offer systems that adhere to the world's design standards including, but not limited to: ANSII, NEC, UL, CSA, CE, etc. We also provide a one-stop solution for full custom machine design. We have established a strong network of mechanical design firms who will work with us to provide you a single quote for your needs. These additions include: mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic design / build / installation / service.

> Control Panel Build

Our mobile control panel build service is simply the best in the business. Our technicians take unmatched pride in their work and produce panels that make sense. Attention to detail and effort is what separates us from other panel shops. Our capabilities range from one-off, custom panels to unlimited production pieces. Please see some examples below of a few panels we have either built or played some part in:

> Programming

Our mobile controls programming service has become an unexpected cornerstone of the organization. We have developed code for machinery used all over the world and for many different applications. Some of our previous development projects include: aerial lifts, machinery carts, slip form pavers, texture-cure machines, electric forklifts, etc. Most of our project have used the Sauer-Danfoss Plus 1 programming environment, but as different technologies are emerging in the market, we are starting to explore what other manufactures have to offer. In short, we are not bound to any controls platform in any capacity and are free to work with our customers based on what is best for them. Below are just a few examples of recent programming development projects:

> Install/Debug

One of the most common complaints about machine programmers is that they do not like to step away from their desks and get their hands dirty. The is definitely not the case when you hire a Flores Automation programmer. Our staff has a combined record of machine startup experience that exceeds three decades in many different environments and applications. After we complete a program offsite we will install our machinery in the desired facility anywhere in the world and debug the wiring/programming until the machine meets, and in most cases exceeds, your satisfaction.

> Machine Modifications

Machine modification is one of our most widely used services. We can take your old equipment and totally upgrade it with the newest technology. We also have a mechanical firm we use with this service to upgrade mechanical components. Three of our most common modifications are: integrating a microcontroller into a relay-controlled machine, adding a HMI to a switch-based machine that requires more feedback for the operator, and upgrading the complete control system. We are experts at finding the best solution to extend the life of your most important capital equipment and no job is too large or too small.


> Remote Controls

Transmitter Selection

Click on any of the images below to view the data sheet for each respective product. We specialize in custom solutions with a turnaround that is unmatched by any other industrial remote control distributor on the market.



Receiver Selection


Accessory Selection


Remote Integration Services

We will work with you to specify and integrate the remote control package of your choice into your new or existing product. This service gives you one source to get a complete solution for the inception and lifespan of these products (selection → service). We have extensive experience with the following products: forklifts, machinery carts, man lifts, spider lifts, scissor lifts, cranes, and overhead cranes to name a few.

Manufacturer Preference

Although we stand by Miratron as our premier manufacturer of industrial remote control products, we are not limited by this relationship. We understand that many of our customers often have their own preference and we will work with you to integrate any product that is on the market. Our first priority is the happiness of our customers, so we ensure the best product will be selected for your application without pretense.

> Documentation/Training

All of our projects are quoted with electrical schematics and a bill of material included, and operator manuals are available upon request. Technical writing is of the utmost importance when dealing with a new machine and sometimes only the designer/programmer can pinpoint all of the features and idiosyncrasies associated with custom machinery. Also, equipment training is offered to all of our customers either at the Flores Automation facility in Muskego, WI or any location requested.