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Pre-Engineered Products

Please browse through the catorgories below to learn more about what Flores Automation can do for you.

> Multi-Axis Servo Demo Unit

We are proud to announce a joint venture with one of our most capable distributors to cut risk for our customers with the "Try it before you buy it" program. We will bring a complete control system to your facility tailored to your needs to prove that our products and services are the best in the industry. When your machine is running exactly as you had hoped, you have the option to buy the demo unit or to order a similar system designed specifically for your application. Below is a mobile system ready and waiting to bring your machine to life!

What do you get when you ask for a demo?

  • Complete and safe power distribution system
  • Dual Bosch-Rexroth PLCs with various I/O options
  • Four servo drives that can be modified for your application
  • 120VAC transformer for control power and computer outlet
  • Dual 24VDC power supplies to eliminate any possibility of noise
  • Evaluation of your application
  • Motor sizing to ensure design reliability
  • Customer support to prove out concept
  • Free shipping

    Call now to reserve this demo unit! (414) 202-6820

    > Laser Scanner

    New Product - Obstruction Detection System (ODS)

    Machine Safety
    Industrial machinery can be dangerous and that is why we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of workers and capital equipment through the use of the latest safety technology available. Please read on for our offerings in safety solution

    The ODS system utilizes the newest and most advanced laser technology to prevent collisions in the workplace. The laser scanner constantly monitors the preset field and a variety of alerting methods can be applied depending on the application.
    Common Applications
    These systems can be used in many applications such as: mobile equipment (boom lifts, scissor lifts, machinery carts, fork lifts) or industrial stationary applications as well.

    Ready to Order?
    We realize that every customer will have unique requirements, so please start with this configuration worksheet, send it to, and we will be in contact.

    Other Safety Services
    We offer various safety solution installation and integration for the following products: light curtains, safety mats, laser sensors, camera systems, other multi-beam sensors, physical guarding, contact strips and bumpers, and two hand control systems to name a few. If you require any other technology not mentioned, we will be able to assist you. Please give us a call to discuss your unique application.

  • Mounted on a small 12"x12"x6" enclosure.
  • Up to 10m sensing distance
  • 270 degree sensing angle
  • Standard (equipment) and safety (people) systems are available.
  • Mobile or stationary units available.
  • Mobile units are powered with a rechargeable 24VDC battery pack (charger included).
  • Battery pack is designed for 16 hours normal usage.
  • Convenient handle on top for relocation of unit.
  • Less than 30 lbs.
  • Indoor and outdoor versions available.
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting.
  • Configuration of the product is completely open. If you have a custom request, we will meet your needs.
  • Multiple operator indicators included in standard model:
    Green light = ok
    Yellow light = warning area
    Red light & horn = danger area
  • System integration is available to stop the vehicle or machine if the "danger area" is breached.
  • Permanent installation of the laser system is available, with or without the enclosure.
  • On site training is available globally.

    Call now to reserve this demo unit! (414) 202-6820